No complaints over no-contests against Pakistan

Many are complaining of the no-contest vs Pakistan these days.

But I am relishing this win. I relish each win against the arch-rival.

As a 90s kid, I have grown up thinking, in cricket, Pakistan is a superior team and India can defeat them only when Sachin’s blade wields magic or lady luck smiles on the men in blue.

But that used to happen once in every four or five games and it used to be so so demoralizing.

Back then, watching Ind v Pak was all about fears and tears. Now, it’s about Kohlis and jollies.


I am supporting both India and Pakistan today

I am supporting both India and Pakistan today (fully aware that this will lead to me being labelled both nationalist and anti-national, in that order).

But why, you ask? Something happened after watching Virat Kohli giving his bat to Mohammad Amir today and Shahid Afridi trying to bring two nations together a few days ago with his ‘more love from India’ comment. It wasn’t acrimony which we normally hear of and read about between the two rivals. It was sportsmanship, class and friendship.

With those scenes, you get a reminder that the cricket rivalry is just a field rivalry. India’s winning streak in world cups is an achievement and not a catastrophe if it ends. Some day it will end. Some day India will dominate Pakistan like they did back in the 80s and 90s. Some day we will produce a Wasim Akram and they, a Sachin Tendulkar. But today we have to learn to enjoy the game. Forget records, stats and bitterness.

I am supporting both India and Pakistan today. Cricket lovers, assemble somewhere now. Kohli and Amir are ready to entertain us.