An Indian wins WWE title. Why I am not excited

So an Indian has finally become a WWE champion. Jinder Mahal is the name (whatever that means).

As a kid, I’d always root for a guy called Tiger Ali Singh to win some championship in the WWE. A tag-team championship perhaps, if not the main championship.

But I never saw the dude win a match in the ring, forget championships. Worse, I often saw him get humiliated time and again. It was cringe-worthy to watch Tiger getting knocked within and outside the ring.

Then came The Great Khali who at best won the WWE Heavyweight Championship which is like the best actor award (but critics choice) at any Bollywood awards function. Important but not mention-worthy.

Today as Jinder Mahal beat Randy Orton to win the big belt I don’t feel really excited. Because, hey, WWE is as genuine as an unicorn or the tooth fairy. I’d have preferred Jinder Mahal winning something when I was kid. You know when I refused to be persuaded that the WWE is not real.